Mar 142013

Here’s some quick parenting advice for those of you with toddlers.  It’s not easy playing games with a toddler.  They can’t catch a spiral, swing a bat, ride a bike, or play video games.  So how’s a guy supposed to bond with his kid?  If you’re young child is anything like mine, he or she loves to play make-believe games.  While tea-parties and dress-up have their strong points (probably) they don’t offer the At-Home parent any real benefits.  Sure, you get to spend some time with your kid, but what good does that do if you’re miserable every second of it.   It’s not quality time if you’re constantly thinking about how unfashionable you look in a boa that doesn’t even match your purse or how the Tea-Party is a total sausage-fest.  Seriously, why does she have to give all of her stuffed animals guy names?


Elmo passed out again. Did I mention we drank Jeremiah Weed at our tea parties?

Recently, I discovered a make-believe game that keeps my daughter happy and serves a greater purpose for this Stay At Home Dad.  It’s called house, but you can’t just play any ol’ version of this classic.  Before you begin, you need to set down some ground rules.

Rule #1:  The girl always gets to be the Mama.

Rule #2:  The baby gets to be the Daddy.   This isn’t a stretch, because we both whine about the same amount.

Rule #3:  Daddy gets to be the baby.

Rule #4:  Babies always sleep.


Look at how much fun she’s having!

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