Jan 222013

Yesterday, the wife and I were discussing some of our favorite things that the kids do.  It’s a healthy practice to remind yourself that between the constant whining, sibling rivalries, and animal abuse, your kids can sometimes be a source of joy.  Sometimes.

One of our favorite things about the baby is her constant walking in circles.  Whether we’re standing around talking or sitting down chatting, the baby will tend to just walk aimlessly between the two of us in tiny circles.  It’s cute when she does it.  The boy used to do the same thing when he was her age.  Except when he did it, we didn’t think it was cute.  We thought it was autism.  Of course, he’d also be stimming visually, vocally, and physically.  But that’s a story for another day.

With the baby there are no worries.  I’ve found that your level of apprehension decreases with each child.  Then again, maybe there is one aspect about the baby’s walking that concerns us.




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