Nov 192012

Kids always have energy, way more than us parents can ever hope to have.  Keep them busy with these fun toddler activities.

#10 – Piggy Back Rides:  Kids get heavy after awhile and lugging a stroller around all day can be a pain.  Put them up on your shoulders for easy carrying.  It may also cool you off on a hot day.


#9 – Duck, Duck, Goose:  A classic kids’ game that will never grow old…unless you’re the goose.


#8 – Exploring Nature:  Your children are never too young to enjoy a trip to the zoo.  It’s a great place to learn about how animals function.


#7 – Cooking:  My kids love to help me cook.  It can be as simple as hitting the buttons on the microwave or mixing ingredients together in a bowl.  I don’t necessarily recommend eating anything they cook though.


#6 – Reading:  The earlier you start reading to your kids, the better off they are.  At this point, they’ll just be looking at the pictures, but later they’ll swear they just read it for the articles.



#5 – Scavenger Hunts:  Kids love playing Hide ‘n’ Seek.  A scavenger hunt is Hide ‘n’ Seek for kids with no friends.  Make up a list of things for your kids to find and send them outdoors.


#4 – Guessing Games:  Kids love to play guessing games like “Guess What’s Behind My Back” or “Guess What’s Smeared All Over Me”.  Enjoy.


#3 – Playing With The Family Pet:  We can send our son outside to play with the dog and he will be busy for a solid hour.  I don’t know what they do out there, but I’m sure they’re both having a good time.


#2 – Embarassing Mom and Dad:  Kids absolutely love this activity.  Whether it’s farting during the silent prayer or cursing in front of Grandma, your toddler will never fail to surprise you.


#1 – Fingerpainting:  Kids love making messes.  Fingerpainting is messy, but you can usually contain it to a sheet or two of paper.  Usually.


You may also want to choose a different medium, like actual finger-paint.  If nothing else, it’ll tire your kid out.  Whatever activities you decide to do with your toddler, be sure to take a picture.  You might actually laugh about it later.


Special Thanks: to my good friend Ruzi for sending me an e-mail with these hilarious pictures and many more.  If you have have any funny photos you can contact me here or visit The Parenting Dad on Facebook.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Lou. Sorry I couldn’t come up with the source. The comments you associated with the pix are hilarious!


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