Nov 192012

In light of recent events, I figured it was time to teach you Dads how to sew a button.  My wife was upset yesterday when a button fell off one of the baby’s outfits.  I say “fell off”, but in reality, it was ripped off when our oldest daughter “helped” to get the baby dressed.  “I can’t sew this back on” she said.  Lucky for her, she married a handyman.


The first thing you need to do is jam the button back in it’s button-hole.


Once it’s through, you’ll notice there is a little wiggle room in the back.  This is where the magic happens.


The magic of duct tape.


Rip off a small piece about an inch or two long.


Wrap the tape around the button to keep it from slipping back through the strap.


You just learned how to sew a button that can’t be sewn.  You’re welcome.


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  1. Brillant Lou, Red Green would be proud of you using duct tape.


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