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I found some pretty cool Thanksgiving crafts for kids, unfortunately, most of them looked like they were put together by a parent.  The whole idea behind kids crafts is to keep them occupied while I do something fun.  If I wanted to be involved with my kids I would volunteer to coach the T-ball team.  Here’s a fun craft that should keep your kids out of your hair for at least twenty to thirty minutes.


You’ll need:

Construction Paper (Black, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Red)
Two Juice Glasses (2 sizes)
And of course, Googly Eyes


Sit your kid down, strap them in if need be, and have them trace two different sized circles using the glasses.  Cut these out for the head and body of your turkey.








Before you crack open that beer and watch The Walking Dead You will need to draw 11 tear-drop shapes on the construction paper for your kid to cut out: 4 red, 4 yellow, and 3 orange.  Also, trace two smaller tear-drops on the orange paper for turkey arms, a diamond for the beak, and a red squiggle for that weird red squiggle that turkeys have.








Glue the feathers down first in an arching pattern (see picture at beginning of post for color order), then cover them halfway with the large brown circle for a body.








Glue the head on next, slap on some googly eyes, and add that weird red flappy thing.  To make the beak, you need to fold your diamond in half before you glue it.  When you’re done it should look like the pictures below.


Daddy’s Turkey


Momma’s and The Boy’s Turkey








So how did yours turn out Leah?


Well…at least we had fun…


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  1. Maybe Leah will be the next Picasso!

  2. I almost forgot … Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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