Oct 222012

We haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet, but I am already getting the family into the Christmas spirit this morning.  I always complain about how early the stores put out Christmas trees and decorations;  I saw a few companies setting out snow globes and ornaments during their Labor Day sales.  But, this year is different and it’s all because of August Burns Red’s Christmas Album “Sleddin’ Hill”.


I like to start my Monday mornings off right by waking up and then logging on.  Am I right Tom?


There usually isn’t a lot happening on Monday mornings.  I browse through a News Feed full of people complaining about going to work and doing laundry, when…

     “what to my wandering eyes should appear,

     but an e-mail from Best Buy, announcing my cd is here”

Like any good father would do, I left my children strapped into their high chairs, eating their Honey Nut Scooters, as I trekked out to get the mail.  The slim cardboard package confirmed my hopes and I floated on a cloud of heavy metal happiness back to the house.

Inside, a large task waited for me.  Two days had passed since I last did any housework; even Stay At Home Dads need a break.  There were dirty clothes everywhere (check your news feed Facebook friends), trash, dishes, and remnants of some experiments with Halloween Cupcakes.  I figured it would be a long day of cleaning.

So I popped in Sleddin’ Hill and began cleaning.   Thirty minutes later the house is clean.  Witness the power of heavy metal.


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